How to Hire a Software Developer that Clicks with Your Organization

How to Hire a Software Developer that Clicks with Your Organization

You don’t have to be a tech-wizard to know that the software development landscape changes at breakneck speed. Just look at the number of times per week apps on your smartphone automatically update. As a business, one minute you’re ahead, leading software innovation within the industry, and the next, you could be falling behind. Almost every month, new areas of specialization, technologies and methodologies pop into existence, forged by the relentless need to simplify human life and acquire a greater share of the market and its associated financial profits. With that, specialized types of software developer job roles have emerged (and are emerging), further catalyzed by the need for idiosyncratic talent to not only ensure an organization remains current and competitive, but propels it into the future as well.

Good software developers are plentiful, but finding “the greats” can be like finding a needle in a haystack without a professional recruiter in your corner. When navigating the process of recruitment and hiring software developers, there are a few important aspects to consider to ensure a potential hire meets your unique business’ operational requirements.

1.    Which Type of Software Developer Do I Need?
Several types of software developers exist, each with separate skillsets that contribute to the achievement of business goals. Popular software developer roles include:

Front-End Developer
Specializes in the programming of visual user-interfaces, including its aesthetics and layouts. A front-end developer builds code that runs on a web browser, on the computer of the user of the site.

Back-end Developer
Specializes in the design, implementation, functional core logic, performance and scalability of a piece of software or system running on machines that are remote from the end-user.

Full-stack Developer
Does both front-end and back-end work, with the skills required to create a fully-functional web application by themselves.

Web Developer
These are software engineers who specialize in creating websites.

Mobile App Developer
Writes code for applications that run exclusively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

2.    Attract Talent’ Attention with Eye-Catching Job Descriptions
With your competitors doing their level best to secure coveted-software-developer talent before you do, standing out when recruiting new hires cannot be underemphasized. A clever or catchy job advert with job role descriptions that excite, instead of bore, can attract a wide range of candidates into your pipeline and ensure that they aren’t put-off before even applying. As a professional recruiter, we sporadically find that job titles don’t align with the key responsibilities of the role on offer. It is important to communicate the exact requirements from an academic, technical and experience point of view. The difference is in the details, thus emphasizing characteristics that set your company apart i.e. company culture, mission, staff benefits, diversity and inclusion policies, profits share structures, is essential. If possible, avoid outdated approaches to advertising by using clever wording and visuals, technology and other creative touches that catch the candidate’s eye and interest.

3.    Competitive Salaries: Money Talks
You get what you pay for. Pay well and you get even more. Having lucrative salary structures in place that align with, or exceed industry standards are a tangible way of attracting those elusive gold-star professionals, while simultaneously showing that your company cares about its employees. The 2020 MSI Recruiting salary guide provides a comprehensive outlook of salary expectations for the year and should be used to benchmark your future candidate offers. Request our salary guide today.

4.    Common Mistakes to Avoid

·      Don’t make the flaw of assuming that every software developer can do everything software-related. Specializations are there for a reason.

·      Communicate the expectations of the role perfectly and outline the level the successful candidate will need to work at. This will help a recruiter to reduce the number of applications that don’t meet a role’s requirements.

·      Treat candidates with kindness and don’t drill them during the interview process. Remember, they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them.

·      Ease in new hires with smaller projects until they have found their feet in your business. Provide resources to aid their transition into your company and always provide support when requested.

5.    How MSI Recruiting Can Help
Thanks to years of refining our high-end candidate-sourcing solutions that are driven by new technologies, MSI Recruiting is at the forefront of professional employee placement and sourcing. Spanning decades in the business, we have cultivated a network of contacts and business relationships, with the mission to bring together top-tier talent and businesses for a symbiotic professional partnership that benefits both sides. Our successes speak for themselves, with countless happy clients across South Florida and the U.S. at large.

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