Generation Z: The Up and Coming Workforce

Generation Z: The Up and Coming Workforce

Whenever each generation comes of age, the workplace changes – a shift engendered by differences in values, beliefs, technology, culture, society and an ever-evolving world. Understanding how newer generations differ from their professional predecessors and the impact that these differences have on your business can be confusing, which is why we recently shared insights into Millennials in the Workplace.

With that said, another demographic, Generation Z, is growing up and leaping into the workforce. Born between 1997 and 2012, they are the group that directly follows millennials, and have their own unique ways of being and becoming. Understanding who they are before they become the dominant segment of the workforce is not only beneficial to your business’ future operations, but it’s talent retention as well.

Let’s examine Gen-Z:

Having grown up in a world connected through social apps, websites, smartphones, tablets and smart devices, Generation Z value immediate information and global connections. All their research is conducted online and considered from varied information sources before making decisions about companies, brands and products. They want to be well informed and don’t often make decisions based on feelings or gut. They want to get where they are going quickly and find outdated technologies and systems mundane and frustrating.

According to experts, Generation Z is expected to become the largest consumer group in the US by 2026. They are the most ethnically diverse generation in US history and have idiosyncratic opinions, values and characteristics. Race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and culture does not form the basis of their feelings towards others. They formulate opinions about others based on personality instead.

With changing demographics happening in America, Gen Z will become the most diverse generation in American history and will consist of a population of mixed religions, cultures, languages and races. This diversity will open up new trends in consumer behaviour which will affect the way businesses communicate with its employees and customers.

Generation Z is also very entrepreneurial. Their influences are the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and countless others that started companies from a garage at home at a young age and went on to be among the wealthiest people in US history. Additionally, many of their role models are young, reality stars and social media personalities who diversify into multiple income-generating endeavours. Generation Z isn’t afraid of going after entrepreneurial aspirations and feels empowered to achieve great success at an earlier age.

“At MSI Recruiting we understand the needs of our different generational talent pools and are proud to say that hiring and retention continue to be at a high level amongst our clients who have augmented their workplaces according to the needs to their staff. Our focus on successfully pairing employees and employers whose professional values and expectations align is why we have remained at the forefront of corporate recruitment for over 20 years,” said Jody Moore, MSI Recruiting, Partner.

Currently, most of Generation Z are in high school or college. However, within the next decade, they will take over the workplace. Employers that prepare their businesses to meet the expectations of this group sooner, rather than later, will be those that have a higher chance of securing and retaining them when the future becomes the present.

Creating a workplace that suits the needs of your employees is the solution to retaining any professional assets. Get in touch with us today to find talent from first-time employees to the most experienced staffers in the market.