Recruiting YOUR top talent starts with MSI

Recruiting YOUR top talent starts with MSI

The Information Technology industry is on the rise, both in the US and around the world. New and emerging technologies are invariably changing the ways in which every domestic and global industry operates, creating new avenues for growth and revolutionizing the ways in which business is done. Accordingly, these upward movements in information technology generate greater demand for products and services, resulting in an increase in IT jobs.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “IT jobs are among the fastest-growing for the next decade.” More than five million IT jobs are estimated to be added to the global workplace by 2027, with over 500 000 expected to come from the US alone at an expected growth rate of 13%.

However, growth in this sector is only possible with a qualified workforce that is primed to support its rapid expansion. Recruiting and hiring the right employees is fundamental for ensuring an organization’s differentiation and competitive advantage. Organizations need to attract, select and hire the right personnel in order to sustain their position within the market, or elevate to a higher ranking.

With the right talent-sourcing partner, any company regardless of name or size can acquire an unfair share of top talent. At MSI Recruiting, we understand the importance of building teams driven by a passion for what they do that have the skills to match. For IT, in particular, the ever-evolving nature of the field means having teams whose talents coincide with trends and skills of today’s world. Whether you require talent that is new to the field with fresh ideas or experienced recruits to manage the up-and-comers, our team is committed to supporting your needs. We partner great companies with the right employees to help them grow and reach their business goals – a mission that has remained steadfast for over 20 years. Our success rate speaks for itself. MSI Recruiting has successfully sourced a number of IT professionals in various positions:

  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Business Data Analysts
  • Sr. Solutions Architect
  • Sr. Cloud Architect
  • Sr. .NET Developer
  • Senior JavaScript Developers
  • Business Data Analysts
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • SEO Manager
  • Sr. Embedded Engineer

Velocity Solutions, a longstanding client of MSI Recruiting recognizes the competitive advantage and value that MSI Recruiting’s services have provided to the business.

“Unlike many recruiters we’ve used, MSI really digs in to find and pre-screen the best candidates. They don’t just rely on job boards, but instead use their significant network to bring top candidates to the process.
We’ve had great success with MSI and have found that their candidates have become some of our most valued and long-serving employees.
The MSI team really digs in to understand the position for which they’re recruiting, as well as the company and its culture, to make sure there is the best fit between their candidates and the positions they’re filling. MSI is always my first call when recruiting for a new position!”

– Christopher Leonard, President, Velocity Solutions

There’s no question about it. Finding the right employees and retaining a successful team starts with successful hiring. The team at MSI Recruiting are your expert hiring professionals and best of chance of talent sourcing success.

The IT workplace is evolving quickly, and your workforce needs to transform right along with it. People drive technology, so it makes sense to have the best people in your business’s driver seat.

Contact MSI Recruiting today if you want the best professionals in the IT Industry taking care of your business’s needs. We’re here to help bring your talent goals to fruition.