MSI Consulting Rebrands to MSI Recruiting

MSI Consulting Rebrands to MSI Recruiting

From the Desk of Jody Moore, founder and Partner, MSI Recruiting

South Florida enters 2019 with a record low unemployment rate of 3.3%, even lower than the country’s historically low rate of 3.9%.

As our clients rush to fill critical positions in a tight labor market, we here at MSI Recruiting, formerly MSI Consulting, are likewise starting the year at a fast clip.

Our new name pointedly captures the services we offer to employers and people seeking their next career opportunity; as an extension of that, our logo represents the mutually beneficial relationships we create. Our new color scheme symbolizes the best of the past and what’s to come. Navy blue represents our steadiness and timeless qualities such as integrity and honesty. True red suggests our alertness and readiness for change, whatever the future holds.



As for you, our clients, our rebrand means a new website with extra resources to guide you. Be sure to check out MSI Minute, our new biweekly and multimedia content series. It’s easy to find – sign up for our email newsletter, visit the Resource Center section of our site, or follow MSI Recruiting on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re an employer or career seeker, our aim is to be your go-to source for info on the latest job trends and how-to’s for making your best hiring decisions, or acing that interview. With some killer instincts and fingertips on the latest trends, our researchers, writers and designers will be publishing a mix of quick reads, short videos and colorful infographics.

As far as we know, we are the only South Florida-based recruiting firm to publish an annual salary guide, free and accessible to the public. In February, we will publish a full list of regional salaries for some 100 corporate positions – from entry-level to C-suite – in accounting, administration, finance, health/wellness, HR, IT, manufacturing, marketing/sales, and real estate.

Why do we do this?

Three reasons.

  1. Guide employers as they budget for new positions
  2. Manage candidates’ expectations for current salary, while providing intel on career advancement
  3. Serve as an authentic and transparent match-maker, giving both parties a common baseline

Stay on the lookout for another proprietary piece of research: survey results on the state of South Florida’s workplace, with views on working remotely and turnover to the status of writing skills in a texting era.

Spring topics will also include:

  • Major vs. Minor: How to hire your A Team when unemployment is at a historical low.
  • FaceTime vs. FaceTime: the power of personal connections in a digital age.
  • X, Y or Z: What does each generation value most?

Speaking of generation, MSI Recruiting spans four – from Gen Z to Baby Boomer. As anyone who has visited our offices can tell you, our intergenerational approach is inclusive, diverse, insightful. Serious in intent, we bring a healthy dose of good humor, too.

For more info on what our rebrand means for you, please check out the video below.


On behalf of MSI Recruiting, I wish you a very happy new year. Onward!