Contingent Divison

Why We Do It & What Makes Us Successful

MSI has made Contingent/Temporary Staffing a part of our service offering nearly since the beginning.  Early in the lifecycle of the company we were asked by many clients for assistance completing various projects, mostly in IT and Accounting/Finance.  Born out of those needs, MSI Contingent emerged and grew.

More recently, through strategic hiring, we’ve launched an Industrial & Manufacturing service offering.

Our success with contingent/temporary staffing is predicated on not cutting corners. We take the same approach as we do with our Permanent Division in the time and care we take to match skill set and culture between client and candidate.  If you focus in on that match, both sides will be very happy and you’ll create a repetitive customer base.


Pete Barone

Director – Contingent Division

Pete has over 10 years in the Staffing Industry having done it nationwide. He has strategically taken a role with MSI to lead the Contingent Division creating an all encompassing option to clients around the US. Pete is extremely client centric and dedicates himself fully as a partner to their business.

Pete grew up in Long Island New York and graduated from Marist College in Poughkeepsie New York with a Bachelors in Finance. At Marist, he was a four year Division 1 student-athlete in Baseball which helped mold his competitiveness and drive for success.


pete 1

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With our blended 100+ years of staffing experience and use of highly efficient search and marketing tools, we match candidates based on years of accumulated placement data.


Whether you need a contract or permanent employee, MSI Recruiters are fully equipped to provide you with skilled candidates that fit your needs.

Track record of success

More than 50% of MSI’s clients have been coming back for placement help for more than 5 years. Clients appreciate our process and ability to deliver the best candidate for that particular position.

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